Industrial Software Solution


-Incoming Receiving raw material with barcode reader & PDA.
-WH Shelve control (electronic Stock card).
-WH Shelf life & special part control(safety, humidity and etc.).
-Issue part with barcode reader & PDA.
-Fool prove production control with barcode reader & PDA.
-Auto production event record system.
-Production monitoring system.
-Master production Scheduling.
-Material requirement planning.
-Machine maintenance system

-Engineer Change Order System.
-NC Program creation and optimization for machine

-Machine information data interface.
-Spare part control system by barcode reader.
-e-Trouble shooting system.
-Machine performance monitoring system.
-Quality SMLD Recorder system

-Defect leak protection system.
-Delivery system by barcode reader

-Delivery system by RFID.
-Laser marking control system.
-Barcode labeling generation for product.
-Out sourcing control system

-Outsourcing issue-return raw material system.
-Intelligent Production Planning system.
-Inventory Control System

-Labelling print out with wireless printer.

-DCS Software design.

-PLC Software design.

-Global plant monitoring.



HR Software Solution (HRM)



-Attendance control(RFID, proximity card, barcode ID and finger scan).

-Human analysis and management system.

-Training record system.

-Manpower personality recommendation system.

-OT control system.

-KPI Monitoring System.


Financial & Business Control Software (FRP & SBM)



-Fixed asset control with barcode & RFID.

-Budget & Cost Control Analysis.

-Production Cost Calculation.

-Planning System.

-Ordering control System.

-Billing payment.

-BOM Structure.

-Approval system.





-Expert in barcode reader solution.

-Expert in PDA solution for manufacturing and warehouse.

-Expert in electronic module appliance with machine.

-One computer control all machine in production line.

-Server-Client Installation.

-Networking installation.

-Computer maintenance solution.

-DCS (distributed control system).

-SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition).

-PLC applications.

-Manufacturing automation control systems.

-Data acquisition and control interface.

-RFID (Radio-frequency identification) Solutions.

-Online plant remote control via portable device.


Training Course Service



-Software development in manufacturing.

-RFID & Barcode technology course.

-Productivity improvement course.

-KAIZEN Training.

-Six Sigma Training.